This website is a tool for cities made by cities

This website is a tool for managing projects and tracking value-add job creation, efficiency savings, grants and economic development. This site is made by cities for cities that have entered into Interlocal Agreements or have Sister City Agreements.


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Mayor and City Officials funding updates

Registered governing officials can receive available funding alerts to support project and management decisions. Please click below for more details.


Projected funding


Savings as project funding

Interlocal Partnerships

An Interlocal Partnership or ILP offers participation in mutual economic development projects.

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Interlocal Agreements

An Interlocal Agreement or ILA is an agreement between public agencies for mutual benefit.

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Access Future Savings

Access Future Savings without increasing debt or obligations.

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Interlocal Partner

Interlocal Partnerships offer tools to cities and other government agencies in the United States and Canada to participate in mutual economic development projects. The Interlocal Partner website allows government entities to monitor projects and apply together with other government entities in mutual economic development projects within the United States and Canada.

Efficiencies from responsive, smart technologies allow cities to access future savings and provide the necessary infrastructure through Interlocal agreements without increasing debt or obligations.

Interlocal agreements between public agencies for the mutual benefit of all parties involved. In essence, an interlocal agreement is a collaborative contract between public bodies aiming to provide more efficient and less expensive public services. It is likely that your community's public entities enter into interlocal agreements on an annual basis.